6.5″ Car Subwoofers

to 6.5 Inch Car Subwoofers. 6 to 6.5 inch car subwooferare round medium-sized low frequency speakers made of durable poly fibers. The 6 to 6.5 inch subwoofer is popular in vehicles with ample space for a powerful audio system.

Hear More with Pioneer's New Z and D High Performance Automotive Loudspeakers

Hear More with Pioneer's New Z and D High Performance Automotive Loudspeakers

September 20, 2017 - Business Wire (press release)

BUSINESS WIRE)--Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. today introduces new high performance automotive loudspeakers, the new Z series of speakers and subwoofers and the next generation D series speakers and subwoofers. The new Following Pioneer's OPEN...

Skar Audio EVL-65 6.5" Subwoofer Demo Video

There has been a lot of questions pouring into our inbox asking for a demo video of our new EVL-65 6.5" subwoofer. The wait is finally over! Pre-order your ...

Trimming it out! 3 B2 Audio HNX 6.5" Subwoofer install

Today we carpeted the enclosure, and got as much stuff done before calling it a night. Should have this trunk fully trimmed out tomorrow and hopefully playing if ...

Woofer Flex Friday! Big Excursion, Little Subwoofer! 100hz - 5hz Sweep - CT Sounds Meso 6.5"

SMD Products Available at http://www.wcCarAudio.com Visit my site! Join the forum today! http://www.steveMeadeDesigns.com/board Coming soon!

3 B2 Audio HNX 6.5" Subwoofer enclosure build

Stay tuned for this playing, and stay tuned as the 2 B2 Audio XNv3 Neo 18" build is finally about to go down! OK, so the original plan of 4 of these in the space ...

FINAL TRIM WORK! 3 B2 Audio 6.5" Subwoofer Build

Here is the final trim work, this video would have been up last night, but had a corrupted file which i managed to save today and is included in this video. Head's ...

Box Build For Two 6.5 Subwoofers

Making a project box for 2 small cheap 61/2 subs to see how they will perform on a high output enclosure.

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